My Passion for a Beautiful Art

I was reading a girl's blog post from my school the other day. And she was talking about how dance is an outlet for all the emotions, because of the tough time that she was going through. I had then realized the other day before I read her post that she is completely right. Everyone... Continue Reading →


Summer Time!

Oh how I love summer! But who doesn't? The days are longer, and a lot warmer. There are so many great things that you can do in the summer. I want to share with you some summer hacks and fun things you can do with your friends and family. The Beach Going to the beach... Continue Reading →


I am sorry for the lack of blog posts, I have been very busy with this summer chemistry class that I have been taking for the past 3 weeks, but only four more weeks to go! But since I have missed my ballet post from last week, I want to share some dance excitement from... Continue Reading →

Happy Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. We get to celebrate our country with our families. I hope everyone on this day 1. Got to sleep in, 2. Is wearing Red, White, and Blue, and 3. Having fun with your families. I know that my family usually has some traditions for every... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

These three little but amazing words hold the meaning to my life. I started drinking coffee about 7 years ago, when my cousin had introduced me to Starbucks. And ever since then my love for coffee has grown immensely. I have coffee every single day! Most of the people in the world do. So, why... Continue Reading →

Dance Fact Wednesday!

Now its time for Dance Fact Wednesday! Last week I taught you about the different types of dances that are all around the world. Now I will teach you about the different kinds of shoes that are worn for different types of dancing. I will first start with my favorite type of dance which is... Continue Reading →

Craft Time: Dreamcatchers

Homemade Dreamcatchers I found this idea on Pinterest! What I think is fun is walking around Michaels and looking on Pinterest to find something that I want to do. This time I found How to make Dreamcatchers! Just warning you that this project is still in the works, but I am working on it, slowly.... Continue Reading →

Bullet Journal

I recently started a bullet journal last month. If you do not know what a bullet journal is, it is a journal, or a notebook, or a doodle book. It is my new favorite trend/craft. So for my bullet journal, I had found page ideas on Pinterest. These pages can either be for some thoughts... Continue Reading →


Dieting is usually a horrible sounding word to me. But this time I actually think that it is working. I started my new diet on Monday. This past Monday, which was two days ago. I will not share my weight that I started at, but I will share the weight at which I want to... Continue Reading →

Spring Break and the Home Stretch

My college Spring Break was last week and it was probably the most amazing spring break that I have ever had. It is an amazing difference from high school spring break to a college spring break. I feel like I had so much more freedom, and plus in college I do not have homework to... Continue Reading →

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