Dance Fact Wednesday!

Welcome back to the wonderful dance fact Wednesday. This Wednesday I am going to talk about some things that dancers (ballet dancers) think about when they are in class.

#1. Am I standing up straight? Are my feet as turned out as they should be? Are my knees tight? Is my hand resting on the bar?

  • We always think about so many things at once, we need to make sure that we are almost perfect with everything that we do, even though we do know that we are far from. We just need to make sure that the teacher knows that we are trying our hardest and giving it our all.

#2. What is the first part of the combination?

  • I know that right before we start the combination, I go “Oh crap, how does the combination begin?” I am not kidding, I do get very freaked out when I think I know the combination and then the music starts and your whole body has to look calm but you insides are screaming HELP ME!

#3. Am I pushing my body to the fullest of its limits?

  • I know that that sounds really weird, but it is true. We know the limits of our own bodies, we like to push our limits and know that are muscles are getting there full workout. It does not hurt our muscles as much as you think it sounds weird.

#4. Am I warmed up enough for this?

  • Sometimes we have to think about did we warm up enough to help our bodies not hurt more the next day. When we don’t warm up when we are going to do something, we might hurt ourselves. Just like with any athlete, everyone needs to make sure that their bodies are very warm.

Well that is all I have for this late night dance fact Wednesday! Let me know what you think and see you soon!



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