Back to School!

Back to school, back to college; back to stressful days, and long nights. But also back to hanging out with amazing friends, and going on spontaneous road trips! No one ever wants summer to end, but it has to sometime, and off to school we go! Well for the students, and teachers that is. But being able to plan our new room for college, and buying new school supplies had always been exciting for me. Since this is my second year around of going away to school I know a little bit more then I did last year. I hope that an incoming freshman to college is able to read this and have a better understanding of what college is like and how to be prepared.

Preparing for the move in!

I want to list some of the essentials of some things I believe are helpful to bring to get you started.

#1. Command Strips! These things are super essential for being able to hang things up in your room like lights, tapestries, and other decorating essentials.

#2. You need a theme! Maybe a color theme to start off with. I am bringing this up because of course you need sheets, and to pick out sheets, and other decorations you need to have a color to match it. Last year when I got my sheets I had gotten them from the school (they were brand new by the way, and I got to pick out the pattern I wanted and the color) so they had given me two pillows, pillow cases, a comforter, two sets of sheets: one that was the color I picked and a leaf pattern that matched the comforter).

#3. Pictures! I say that this a need because you can’t go to college without taking some great memories with you! I happened to take too many pictures and didn’t have enough places to put them. You can either tape the pictures up on the wall, or clip them onto your lights by using clothespins.

#4. Lights! I like having lights up on my side of the room. If my roommate isn’t home at night I can have them on to have a little bit of light on, instead of the ugly colored light that is in the room. I had clothespin shaped lights so that I can hang my pictures up on the wall.

#5. You can not forget to bring your clothes! What I was first told when packing my clothes, was not to bring EVERTHING, just bring most things you can wear when it is really hot, and really cold. I brought about 5-7 pairs of jeans, leggings, shorts, and workout shorts. I also brought a good amount of shirts, and a couple pairs of PJs. I also brought a couple dresses, and nice shirts, because sometimes there are formal events going on.

#6. Bathroom! What things to bring for your bathroom. Towels of course, I would bring one large one for showering, and a couple hand towels. But also one for going swimming. I also like bringing a hair towel for after the shower. You also need shampoo, and conditioner and body wash, and all the other stuff you use regularly in the shower and bathroom.

#7. Rug! I learned this late last year. But this year I looked around for about a year for a nice cheap rug. I found a cute teal one just big enough to fit my side of the room. I think this makes the room look a little bit homier, and to be honest it makes me feel more comfortable when I am not at home. (I had got the rug at Bed Bath and Beyond for $19.99.)

#8. Coffee! This was a must need for me! I need my coffee everyday, but I bought a Keurig and a bunch of K-Cups. Oh and you cannot forget to bring those coffee mugs!

#9. Plates! Speaking of coffee cups, you cannot forget to bring forks and knives, and spoons. So that you can eat your food. I am going to mention a microwave and fridge in this category because I feel like they go together. At GCU where I live we are not allowed to have hot plates or anything like that because we do not have a kitchen. Which means I have to eat off of the fast food places on campus.

#10. Decorations! I have added some decorations to bring on this list. But I do not want you to forget to bring decorations that make you feel more and more at home. I would bring a tapestry for your wall, or for the wall in your common room if you have one. I bought one last year to put in the common room. For one it would make the room not have an echo, and it brightens up the room. So this year I bought two more, one to use as a beach towel, one to put in the common room, and one to hang near my bed to give it a little more flare.

#11. Holidays! More into the school year when holidays come around you realize that you are going to miss out on come holidays, and what I did was I bought decorations when time came by. Like when Christmas came around, it was decorated like a crazy Christmas house.

#12. Reusable Water Bottle! I brought a couple of reusable water bottles because of how hot it is in Arizona. I put ice cube trays in my freezer and put the ice cubes in my water to make it super cold. You need to stay hydrated while in those long classes.

#13. Computer! I use my computer in every single class everyday. I have homework online and I had online classes too. So my computer was a need. I ended up having to buy a computer case too. So that I can walk around with my computer in my hand when I needed it.

What to expect:

The first day you move in is great. I had two other roommates, and three other suitemates across the common room. But I just want to warn you, that you are NOT going to get along with everybody. My suitemates and my roommates were not the best of friends. But you have to get through it. When things get tough at school, you cant just run away to your room, because when you are best friends with your roommates, there is no where to run to. The most important thing that I learned was that my mom became my best friend. And that I found a good place to sit and cry. It was my escape, to sit there and call my mom and cry for an hour or two. It also goes by really quickly, I like to keep busy to help it go by faster. But you will make some of your best friends here. I met a couple people that I felt like I could escape to, people who made me feel like they really cared about me. They were people who didn’t stress me out, and they made me feel happy and cheered me up. But I had a tough year for a freshman year, and now I know how to handle myself. But I do know that people have a great time in college, and didn’t have to go through what I had gone through. But have the time of your life, and study hard. You are not going to like all of your professors, but one thing that I do recommend, is that if you are not doing well in that class, you NEED to go talk to them! They will understand! Seriously trust me on this, they know how you are doing in the class, and they want you to come and talk to them about your grades. The Professors want you to succeed, you are paying a lot of money for the class, so try to succeed.

Food+ Workout Plan:

This is something that I believe everyone knows and everyone expects to happen to you when you go to college. For me there are only fast food places to eat at for school, and eating there 24/7 gets tiring really quickly. But as long as you choose the healthy meals and workout a little more to burn off the fast food, then it will be better. The bright side is that your classes are not going to be close to each other at all, so you will have a lot of walking to do everyday. I know that I got about 10,000 or more steps everyday, by walking to and from classes, working out, and going to get food. It really adds up. And the more classes you have the and the farther away they are, the more the steps add up. This food + workout tip is just a heads up if you do not have a fast metabolism.

Last Thoughts: 

Have the time of your life, no matter what happens. Make an effort to see your friends when summer comes around and they live in a different state. Even if you end up becoming the third wheel in your group of friends, you cannot just shut them out, or do not let them worm out of your life. When you are away from your friends and family back home, you need people out where you are for anything you may need. Oh and be careful when you go to target to go grocery shopping, because you will buy way too many things that you do not need. But I also like going there to get away from the people at school, and shopping by myself makes me feel more like an adult. So good luck and have fun! Oh and carry pepper spray always!

Let me know what you think about this post about what to expect in college. Leave comments! See you soon!


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