Welcome to Another Dance Fact Wednesday

Welcome back! Not only have you made it to one of my Dance Fact Wednesdays, but you have also made it through another week of life! So congrats, you are amazing!

Now back to the fact for this week. When I am thinking of these facts, it is hard not to be biased and just talk about ballet. So this week I think I am going to talk all about ballet!

Ballet has grown so much over the years and decades. There is now modern ballet and ballet with hip hop. It is so amazing to know how many things can be incorporated together.

Ballet began in France and Russia in the 15th Century. This is why most of the terminology in ballet is in French. But they did not just come up with all the terminology at once, it had come up over time. In the 15th century it was more just a civil dance in their regular clothing. Then it had evolved into a lot of technical terms, for describing each movement. Many of the terms have also evolved over time and some people have made up their own way of describing certain steps. For ballet having good turn out and being flexible are very helpful. If you do not completely understand what turn out is, it is based on your hips and how much your hips allow your legs to open up. And flexibility is a little more well know.

And that is all I am going to talk about today! I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions! Thank you!



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