Dance Fact Wednesday!

Now its time for Dance Fact Wednesday!

Last week I taught you about the different types of dances that are all around the world. Now I will teach you about the different kinds of shoes that are worn for different types of dancing.

I will first start with my favorite type of dance which is ballet. For ballet there is two different types of shoes to wear. First there are flat shoes, which are supposed to fit on your feet comfortably. And they have the straps around the top of your foot to hold your foot in. Then there are pointe shoes, these are used to be able to go onto the top of your toes. These pointe shoes have many different parts to them. But for the most part, they have a hard cover by the toes, and you sew ribbon and elastic onto the top of your feet, again to hold your feet into the shoes.

Next for tap. There are shoes, and they are called tap shoes, they have metal pieces on the bottom. So when you tap on the floor with your feet they make a tapping noise.

Next for flamenco and ballroom dance, heels are worn. For flamenco, thicker heels are worn, and for ballroom dancing thinner more fancy heels.

For jazz dance, there are jazz shoes. Jazz shoes are leather, and have a thick short heel on the bottom.

Lastly I m going to talk about contemporary. For contemporary most people wear these things called foot undies. They actually are shaped like little underwear with a protective bottom on the bottom so that turning does not hurt you feet.

I hope that you enjoyed this weeks facts on dance! You do learn something new everyday! I promise that dance facts will not be the only thing that I will be posting on this blog. There will be more! See you soon!



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