Introduction to Dance Fact Wednesdays

Dancing has been a part my life for as long as I can remember. I started dancing when I was about 3 years old, which is about 16 years of my life. Yes, I know, that is a very long time. But you know once you find something you love you have to stick with it! Which means that I would love to share my great knowledge of dance with you so I have decided to start doing a Dance fact every week! More specifically on Wednesday, every Wednesday. I will try to start from the beginning of all dance time. I am more specifically a ballet dancer, so I may give more facts about ballet, but I will weave in some other facts that may come up.

Dance Fact #1

There are very many different forms of dance in the world, and they all popped up in different eras. So there is the more common types of dance like Ballet, Hip-Hop, Ballroom, Contemporary, Tap, Modern, and Jazz. Then there are many different types of Ballroom dance like the Jive, Quick Step, and Waltz. Going away from Ballroom dance there is Flamenco, and something the opposite of Flamenco is Krumping, and breakdancing, and locking, which is similar to the previously mentioned dance before Hip-Hop. Then we move onto softer movements in dance like, Hula dancing. Then we can head over to the South and find line dancing.

I know that I did not cover every single dance in the world. But I covered dances that I know, tried, and remembered. I hope you enjoyed learning something new about dance! Come back and read next Wednesday to learn another new fun fact about dance.


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