Craft Time: Dreamcatchers

Homemade Dreamcatchers

I found this idea on Pinterest! What I think is fun is walking around Michaels and looking on Pinterest to find something that I want to do. This time I found How to make Dreamcatchers!

Just warning you that this project is still in the works, but I am working on it, slowly.

What you have to obtain from a store is one of those small hoops, the one with double hoops, and they have the fasteners on the end. You need some fabric, I had used a doily. A doily was the easiest to use because you didn’t have to buy fabric and cut it out. Lastly you need decorations, I bought some twine and little decorations to hang on the twine. I recommend not just regular colored twine, but colorful, I got aqua colored. Not too bright, just a nice color. The decorations that I got to glue on the twine and on the rest of the doily is little flowers, about the same color as the twine that I bought. I had also bought some aqua colored ribbon. The more cute things the merrier.


  1. You begin by taking the wood hoop and separating the two pieces and placing the doily in between the two. I would stretch the doily as much as possible and then use the fastener and tighten the doily or fabric as much as possible.
  2. If you use fabric and have some hanging off of the sides, I would cut the fabric to make it fit. I left the little bit of doily I had hanging in the back.
  3. What I would do next is start tying some of the twine and ribbon to the bottom of the hoop. You can make whichever you want the bottom of the dreamcatcher to be. When adding and cutting the ribbon you do not have to make them all the same length, you can make some longer, and some shorter.
  4. Then after you added all the amount of ribbon and twine you want, you can start to add the decorations. You can use the hot glue to add sea shells, or flowers.
  5. Then I would add a string to the top so that you can hang up the dreamcatcher.
  6. I would let it set and sit over night.

That is it to making a homemade dreamcatcher! I hope that you enjoyed! Let me know if you tried it and you liked it!


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