Bullet Journal

I recently started a bullet journal last month. If you do not know what a bullet journal is, it is a journal, or a notebook, or a doodle book. It is my new favorite trend/craft. So for my bullet journal, I had found page ideas on Pinterest. These pages can either be for some thoughts that you have and may want them written down, or a calendar to help plan out the near future. I have a couple tips to share about how to start one, if this seems to interest you.

  1. The Journal: I would go find an actual bullet journal in a crafting store. But if you want a cheaper one, I have just a regular notebook, and it is just lined like regular paper.
  2. Pens: I would get nice felt tip pens, or thin markers. But I wanted to be a little cheap, so I decided to buy gel pens at Joann’s. They work perfectly for this type of project.
  3. Extras: Washi Tape!! So very amazing! You can use it in so many different ways. It can be used to decorate the inside and/or outside of your journal. Or if you make a mistake in your journal, just choose some cute washi tape, and put it over the mistake and you can write over the tape. My favorite use for washi tape is to put it on the edges of the pages and use it as a bookmark, so that you can pick that page out right away.
  4. Page Ideas: The first page you may want to start with is setting up a key and index page. Or you can put a pull out key in one of the pages, so if you need to look t right away you can. I started my bullet journal with a May Calendar, and added throughout the week what I had planned on doing. Which helped out so much. I also added a couple recipe pages. I would write down what the desserts were and the ingredients and directions. If you want, in the beginning you can add an all about you page, just to be fun. You can also come up with some fun pages, like I had added a tattoo idea page. Or books that you want to read, and you can add check boxes and check them off as you complete them.

If you want any more tips for crafting let me know! I will post some more soon.


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