Becoming Your Own Best Friend

I am sitting at home waking up, and eating breakfast, waiting for the day to start. When I am at home for the summer, or for any break, I am usually hanging out with my boyfriend. But sometimes he has other plans, and my plans were to just hang out with him. And most of... Continue Reading →


Summertime Money Making

I love summer, no school, all sleeping, and relaxing, and beach time! But I have been in a slump of wanting money, and that feeling of making money, and being able to have money that is completely yours. Some of you probably don't know what that feels like because you maybe have been working since... Continue Reading →

Painting the Pain Away

While being in college I have learned a lot about finding ways to give myself time for me. There are a lot of stressful things about college, and sometimes the stress overwhelms you to the point where you are about to go crazy. So I had discovered that painting really helps me to find a... Continue Reading →

Summertime! Summertime!

Hello all my fellow bloggers! Its been a while since Ive blogged. But I am finally done with my Sophomore year of college! Its kind of exciting knowing that I am half done with something as amazing as getting my Bachelors Degree. But I am back to write for y'all, and to have ya listen... Continue Reading →

How to Survive College

I know, you just read that header and said "Wow that was a lot. She can't about the whole college experience in one blog post, and with only one and a half of college under her belt." But because of the past rough couple of school weeks. I could pack a lot into this one... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their time with your family. I was planning on writing this blog before Thanksgiving, so that I could give you ideas for something to make if you didn't know what else you should make, but maybe I'll give you some ideas for next year. I am the dessert maker... Continue Reading →

Dance Fact Wednesday!

Welcome back to the wonderful dance fact Wednesday. This Wednesday I am going to talk about some things that dancers (ballet dancers) think about when they are in class. #1. Am I standing up straight? Are my feet as turned out as they should be? Are my knees tight? Is my hand resting on the... Continue Reading →

Back to School!

Back to school, back to college; back to stressful days, and long nights. But also back to hanging out with amazing friends, and going on spontaneous road trips! No one ever wants summer to end, but it has to sometime, and off to school we go! Well for the students, and teachers that is. But... Continue Reading →

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